We all look for success in our treatments. In this lecture, the current criteria of what we consider a successful treatment will be analyzed. Two key points to get it are the predictability and the stability. We will talk about bone stability, a key condition for maintaining long-lasting good results in implantology. We also will analyse it both from the point of view of the treatment protocols and the use of the intermediate abutments as a biological insurance mechanism. We will review the causes that put this stability at risk by inducing the so feared in implantology “bone loss”, because we do not want to treat a problem: WE WANT TO AVOID IT.

Dr. José Antonio Badás

Oral Surgeon, Gernika/Eibar – Spain

Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of The Basque Country. Degree in Stamatology at the University of The Basque Country. Master in Occlusion and Oral Rehabilitation. Private practice.