Many factors such as the quality of the implant-prostheses joint, the surface of the abutment or the emergence profile design may influence the outcome of prostheses. Bioblock®️ concept is based on the usage of the best technology, materials and knowledge to ensure a soft tissue sealing, a perfect fitting and an optimal biomechanical performance to prevent biological and mechanical complications. In this lecture we will show you some of the features of this prosthodontic concept.

Dr. Tomislav Flegar

Dentist, Zagreb – Croatia

He graduated from a Dental Lab Technician School. He graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb with flying colours and during his studies he was a teacher’s assistant at the Chair of Physiology, Chair of Dental Morphology and Chair of Prosthetics. In the area of implantology and oral surgery he closely collaborates with the BTI  Biotechnology Institute